Billing document enterprise basic settings

In the basic settings for the Faktura enterprise module, various settings such as payment types, invoice number composition or payment targets and cash discount can be entered.

On the Billing tab in the basic settings, Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> Billing tab, there are 4categories, which are explained below.

Payment methods

Under the payment methods, texts can be entered for the payment methods bank transfer, SEPAdirect debit, credit card and other . The texts can be entered multilingual for the languages you have enabled. The various payment method texts can then be output in the document.
Payment methods that you do not offer can be simply deactivated via the active checkbox. All active payment methods are selectable in a single select in the address

Zahlungsarten in den Faktura Einstellungen.


In the Templates category you can define an invoice template and an invoice correction/credit memo template. You can choose from the PDF letter templates which were created with the category ‘Billing template’ in the template management

Extended settings

Under the extended settings you can store settings such as the configuration of the invoice number or the specification of the current tax rates.

Erweiterte Einstellungen von Faktura enterprise

Invoice number:

Here you can adjust the appearance of the invoice number to your requirements. The selection “Meter” must be selected at least once, so that the invoice number can also be generated consecutively

Payment terms and cash discount

In this dialog box you can define payment terms and cash discount amounts

Tax rates You can enter the current tax rates in

the popup of tax rates

Currency The currency can be selected

here. The configuration of the output takes place in the administration

Payment intervals

In this category you can set the payment intervals. The intervals Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual are available

Eintellungen der Zahlungsintervalle für Faktura enterprise