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External Tools

Pixlr image processing

You can also directly edit the images in your property, crop, insert text, etc.
To do this, you have to double-click the image to bring it into “Edit Mode”. The image now has a wide red frame and a preview and the button “edit image” appears in the upper right corner

After you have clicked on the button, the image editing program Pixlr opens automatically. The program offers numerous functions, which are based on the Photoshop program.

On the left side of the program you will find the toolbar. Among other things there is a text tool for writing text into the image and the possibility to create layers

Bildbearbeitung Werkzeug Icon With this icon you select the text tool. Enter your desired text in the opened text field and change the font size, font and color.

Icon Zuschneiden With this icon you have the possibility to create image sections.

Icon Verschieben With this icon you can, for example, move your text, the entire image or other inserted elements.

Use this slider to change the image size

When you have finished editing the image, save it to your computer via File >> Save. Then you have to upload the picture in the property.