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Basic setup

With the basic equipment the basis for the simple and fast working is put, as well as the data around imprint / signature, revocation and GDPR is deposited.

Basic settings

The largest part is carried out in the basic settings. Please open in the menu Extras >> Settings >> Basic settings. Here you will find the tabs listed below. Besides there are further tabs, you can find an explanation to all of them in the settings


enterprise contains sample templates for the most important emails and letters as well as brochures. You can adapt them to your needs.

You customize the Word format brochures according to your ideas – easily understandable instructions support you. With the PDFdesigner you can also create your own PDF brochures.

Adaptations to templates and brochures by onOffice are possible for a fee, please contact your sales contact.


onOffice also programs browsers? No, we are the real estate specialists.
However, the browser is your working device with which you use onOffice enterprise edition – exceptions are the users of the apps .

onOffice enterprise edition uses popups, therefore an exception for onOffice must be added in the settings for popups or it must be generally allowed.

In the manual of your browser the handling of popups is explained. For the most important browsers you will find a short manual here.