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Please note that this module is a paid add-on module and may not be included in the selected onOffice enterprise version. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Via the onOffice API you can read and also change contact and property data in onOffice enterprise – e.g. when using the“onOffice for WP Websites” plugin for Wordpress pages.

Once the API has been activated, a user (API user) must be created in order to use the API.

Create API user

In the list view of users under Extras >> Settings >> Users , create a new user via the New record icon “new data record” icon at the top left.

Create users

In the field “Save as:” please select “API user”.

Create user as API user

Please fill in the field “user name”, otherwise it is not possible to save your data. Please check the user name carefully, as it cannot be changed after it has been created.

Further specifications are not possible when creating. After you have saved, the user is created and opened directly for further editing.

Generate API token and secret

After the API user has been created, the API secret and token are still missing. These are needed so that e.g. website creators have access to the contact and property data in onOffice enterprise.

View of the newly created API user

Click on the “Update Update ” icon here to generate API tokens and Secret.

Token and Secret for the API user

If an API token has already been generated, the old API token is hereby invalidated.

Please write down the new secret immediately, as it will only be displayed once!

API user rights

On the “Rights” tab, you determine which rights the user is granted.

The API user should get the rights necessary for the desired programming / actions.

In general, the user rights apply as elsewhere in onOffice enterprise .

Set “Read property” to “all” (1). We recommend to omit the checkmarks at “Can only see property published on the website” (2) and at “Can only see contacts published on the website” (3).

Our WordPress plugin only displays properties that have been published for the website. How to enable properties for the website is explained in the following section “Enabling properties”.

If you check the box “Can only see property published on the website” (2), then in our plugin some functions like owner forms will not work completely. Z. For example, the plugin can then create properties, but these are not published for by default and thus no longer visible to the plugin. Then the link to the owner can no longer be established. Therefore, we recommend unchecking this box for the plugin.

With the checkmark “Can only see contacts published on the website” (3) you set whether you also have to explicitly share contacts so that they appear on the website. If you wish, you can check the box. Then, in addition, make the further settings described in the section “Releasing contacts” that follows later.

Property release

Properties can be shared in the property details view >>  Marketing tab.

Please set the “Publish” option in the “Own website” category to “yes”.

Contact release

To be able to release contacts for the API user, you must make the following settings in administration (Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input fields >> Module contacts >> Category Administration) activate the field “homepage_veroeffentlichen”.

On the tab, first select “Contact management” for the module and “Administration” for the category. Please activate the field “homepage_veroeffentlichen” here.

Now you can share the contact data record in the “Administration” category on the “Basic data” tab in Contacts.

Publish contact on websites