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The “Marketing” tab allows you to control the way in which your particular property is published.

Portal presentation

You would like to place your property in the portals shown? To do this, click on the arrow button to the right of the respective portal in the left window. If you want to upload, update or delete a property in all portals at the same time, click “Update” or “Delete”.

Next to the activated portals the message: Scheduled job appears: ID number. You can find out more about job/ID numbers here.

After successful transmission, a green checkmark appears to the left of the portal and additional icons to the right. If new information has been added, simply click on the “Update” icon. The ID number remains the same. The property was sold? Then you can delete it from the portal by clicking on the trashcan icon.


Attention: The marketing type can only be changed for a property published in after you have deleted it from!

Basic settings for your pictures

In the basic settings, you make basic activation features around your image files. Go to Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> General.

If all check marks are activated here, all options in your property management in the Files area are also set to “Active” with a check mark, i.e. all newly set images are activated for portal synchronization. In this way you can control which images/file types are released for publication.

Archive property option

The property is automatically deleted from all portals and then archived. If you are working with the Status2 (extended status) field, select the Status2 value to be used to archive the property after deletion from the dropdown list.

ATTENTION: When the check mark is set and the following dialog is confirmed, the deletion requests are created and executed directly.

Own website

Determine flexibly which status your property should have on your homepage. These settings are only effective if your homepage was created with the onOffice software or if you use the onOffice for WP Websites Plugin.

Top offer= property is highlighted separately
Show on map= Property is displayed as a pin on a map, which can be installed on your website via an EMI
New= property newly adjusted
Price reduction= property was reduced in price
Reference property= Separate presentation of the presented references
Free of commission= no brokerage fee due
Property of the day= Top offer

The rights for some of the options in the category “Own website” can be activated individually in the user rights (Tools >> Settings >> User >> User name >> Rights tab >> Property category). Options that do not appear there as a user right are bound to the “Portal interface enabled” right.

Window TV

Here you have the possibility to add property to the Window TV. You can read more details here.

Additionally, you can create Window TV work lists. You can read about these settings here.

Share properties on Window TV

Marketing status

The marketing status is displayed on the own website (if created by onOffice) as a banner on the cover. In addition, the status Sold / Rented is displayed as a note in the property data record. Active properties are only found during the automatic search with the status “open”.

Address release

Via the address release you can optionally release the property address (street & house number) in your different brochure types. Please note that you can share addresses in the PDFdesigner even without one of these options.
The automatically generated brochures are available to you in Word, HTML or PDF format in either short or long versions. You can easily access the brochures by clicking the ‘Brochure’ button in the action bar.

Additional portal settings

property Rotation

The property rotation of onOffice offers the automatic rotation of your properties in different portals. Here you determine whether your property should also be anchored in the next rotation phases. Read more about property rotation.

fictional addresses

Under the Marketing tab of a property, you will find the item “fictitious address” under “Other portal settings”. If you tick the box here, you can enter a fictitious address (street and house number) for the property, which will then be transferred to the respective portals instead of the original address.

If address sharing is activated for the property, the fictitious address is automatically deactivated. If the fictitious address is activated, address sharing is automatically deactivated.

fictitious price

This applies to all websites created by onOffice and to the “own website”.
You can find more about your own website here.

After activating this option, you can enter a fictitious price for the property (e.g. for projected properties) which will then be displayed on the website. If you enter “0” as the fictitious price, the website will display ‘price on request’.

The following prices are replaced by ‘price on request’:

  • Purchase price
  • Leasehold
  • Net cold rent
  • Warm rent
  • Lease
  • Cold rent
  • Package rental
  • Seasonal rental all-inclusive
  • Weekly rental price net
  • Weekly rental price gross
  • Purchase price per sqm
  • Rental price per sqm

Immobilienscout special fields

If the portal Immobilienscout24 is active and configured accordingly, you can control where the property appears within Immobilienscout24.

Social networks

This function refers to the direct Facebook interface to our cooperation partner ImmoTell. A detailed description of the interface setup can be found here.

Video – properties marketing