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Showcase TV

How does it work?

The Shop-Window TV is designed as a web presentation, you only need to enter the web address (URL) for the display in the browser. With many TVs you can use the integrated browser. A monitor or television connected to a simple PC will of course also work.

Each selected property is displayed on one page with the most important data and the pictures released for the homepage. The presentation always starts again from the beginning, changes in the selected properties are automatically taken into account in the next run. You can setthe layout, the display duration and other parameters.

A free demo mode of the Shop-Window TV is available to all onOffice customers. In demo mode, a short advertising screen of onOffice GmbH is played after every third property. In order to integrate your own advertising in the Shop-Window TV, you must purchase the additional module.

You can define which properties are displayed on Shop-Window TV separately for groups or configure them in detail using Shop-Window TV lists .
Using a property filter with the criterion “Shop-Window TV” you can find out which properties are approved for Shop-Window TV. 
For more details and how to save the filter, see the explanation for property filters.