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Showcase TV


No settings are possible in demo mode. Afterwards, the layout, company advertising, display duration and much more can be configured.

Shop-Window TV Settings

To access the Shop-Window TV settings, select Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> General >> Shop-Window TV. In this tab you can make all necessary settings.
If you have the groups module, you can make separate settings for the Shop-Window TV for your group via Tools >> Settings >> Groups >> Select group >> Basic data >> Shop-Window TV .


Here you will find sample templates for the presentation of the properties. This option can only be set in the basic settings and is not stored in the setting for groups.

To individualize templates, please contact your sales contact person.

More settings can be configured via advanced settings.

Shop-Window TV advanced settings

Advanced settings

Display phone number

Allows you to choose whether or not to display your phone number in the Shop-Window TV.

Contact person Data source

Here you define who is displayed as contact person.

Individual page Interval

Indicates after how many displayed properties your company advertising will appear.

Display duration (in sec.)

Choose how long each property is displayed. The minimum display duration is 5 seconds.


Here you can choose from a wide variety of transitions and thus further individualize your Shop-Window TV.

Individual advertising

Here you can deposit pictures with advertising for your company. The optimal image size for this is 1920×1080 pixels.

Video links

Here you can store video links. First all images from “Individual advertising” are displayed, then the video links.

Supported video formats and links: mp4, webm, ogv and YouTube link.

To play the properties on TV, enter the corresponding URL there. Please remember that you need to activate the full screen mode for optimal display.

General URL

The easiest way to get the URL is to click on the “Preview” link in the “Shop-Window TV” category of a property that is released for Shop-Window TV and then copy the URL.
You can also find the URL in the basic settings(Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> General tab >> Category Shop-Window TV).

Groups/regions URL

There is also a URL that is specially deposited for office groups or region groups. This URL is stored under Tools >> Settings >> Groups >> Select Groups >> Basic Data .

URL for groups and regions
You will find this individual group URL under the item Shop-Window TV. You can use “Advanced Shop-Window TV Settings” to set the individual group settings for your group’s Shop-Window TV.

Shop-Window TV Lists URL

You can also create a list of selected properties and play them back. To do this, you can create one or more Shop-Window TV Lists in the property Worklists.

As with the general URL, you get the URL when you click on the “Preview” link in the “Shop-Window TV category of the corresponding list in a property that is released for Shop-Window TV and then copy the URL.

The colors and logo settings
The colors and logo for the presentation are taken from the Corporate Identity (CI) settings. The CI settings can be found in the lower left corner of the basic settings under Basic data >> Features/CI. Depending on the template, the main color or the main and secondary colors are used. The font color is not considered in any template.

Using the free text field “STV property description”, you can give the properties in the Shop-Window TV an individual text. You can activate this field via  Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input Fields >> Module:property >> Category:Free Text The field is displayed on the Free texts tab. If you have purchased the Shop-Window TV module, this field is displayed instead of the property description. Therefore, fill in the field directly after activation so that the displayed properties do not have an empty description.

STV property description