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No longer available

ogulo 3D Tour WITHOUT Marketplace Service

This feature is now only available through Ogulo’s marketplace service:

Ogulo – 360° Tour


For existing properties and tour connections, Ogulo has instructions on how to connect them to the new service.

Create Ogulo 3D tours, send invitations and save tour statistics directly in the prospect’s activities – all this is possible from onOffice enterprise edition.

The use is quite simple: You transfer the property via marketing to, create the virtual tour from the property via the Ogulo configurator and after the tour creation you can send email invitations – a click on the picture of the property starts the tour. You will receive the evaluation of the visit from Ogulo by e-mail, which will be deposited with the interested party and the properties. The statistics of all visits to a property are also available in onOffice.


The connection of your property at onOffice and at Ogulo is established by the transfer to the portal Only after you have published the property on, you can upload the panoramas to the configurator, create the tour yourself and send the invitations or retrieve the statistics.
The portal is configured under Extras >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Portals or Extras >> Settings >> Groups >> Portal Settings. Please enter your Ogulo ID as the provider number and activate the portal.

You can find your Ogulo ID in your Ogulo account under Master data >> Access data.


In the properties please go to the tab “Marketing” and transfer the property to ogulo asto other portals. After that, the “Ogulo 3D Upload” button in the Files tab of the property will be clickable and no longer grayed out.

The tour appears after the import in ogulo in the tour management. The properties title is adopted as the tour title.

If a contact person is stored at the properties, his data will be transferred to Ogulo and he will be stored as contact person at this tour. All emails about the tour will then be sent to the contact person’s email address.

create 3D tour

After the property has been transferred to the portal, you can start creating your do-it-yourself tour by clicking the “Ogulo 3D Upload” button in the Files tab.

In the first dialog you can click on “Creation using Ogulo configurator” to get to your creation mask, in case your tour is already created and you want to get to the data for integration into the portals (e.g. link to the tour / PDF) please use the link to the administration at the bottom left.

In the configurator you can then upload and manage the images for the individual areas.

Even when the tour is finished, thanks to the do-it-yourself system, you can always go back to the configurator and customize/edit the tour.

Send invitations

If a customer is interested in the property, you can easily send him a link to the tour by e-mail, without forcing the customer to register again in the password protection mask of ogulo.
For this purpose we have created an e-mail template for you, you can find the Ogulo-3D Tour template in the system templates. If you want to create your own template, you can include the link to the tour with the macro _OguloLink

Please note: In order to create the link to the 3D tour, the addresses must be created as a data set in onOffice. The properties must also have been previously transferred to the portal.

Tour visits statistics

After the interested party has finished the tour, you will receive an email from ogulo with the detailed statistics of the tour. Like all other portal requests, this one appears with an asterisk in the list of e-mails and is automatically stored with the property in the agent’s book and with the interested party in the activities.

If you have opened the property record, you can also access the property’s Ogulo statistics from the Statistics menu. In it, all visits are listed and can also be called individually or saved as a PDF.

Here you can view the statistics for individual visitors or check who has received an access but has not yet visited the tour (menu item “unused accesses”).

Integrate existing tours

For tours already created in Ogulo, you can also send onOffice invitations for them after you have established the connection.

To do this, go to “Upload & Manage” and then click manage and edit. Please enter the external property number of the property from onOffice in the field “onOffice ID”. Please save your changes.

After you have transferred the property in onOffice again to the portal the connection is established and you can send invitations by e-mail. The links for the properties tour can also be stored as a file, using the Ogulo link file format, in properties to transferit with to the portal.