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Setup ImmoScout24

The ImmobilienScout24 uses a special form of interface for transmission, so the setup is different from the other portals. During the setup, the access of onOffice to the properties and contact addresses at ImmobilienScout24 must be allowed – i.e. certified. To do this, you must register with ImmobilienScout24 during the certification process. The first step of the tutorial shows how to read out the necessary login data in ImmobilienScout24.

At ImmobilienScout24 there is also no import report. Errors and problems are entered in the job log in enterprise.
A list of common errors can be found here.

1. Check access data at ImmobilienScout24

  • Please log in to ImmobilienScout24 and switch to your account.
  • Select under Account >> Credentials .
    The username is not necessarily the email address or the name you log in with, but can be anything else (provider number, standalone string). Therefore, please be sure to check.
  • Make a note of the username. Please note the upper and lower case.
  • After that, log out of Immobilienscout.

2. Set up portal interface

The portal settings can be found in the Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Portals tab.

Via the plus icon Icon for new record you will get the list of available portals. Select the ImmobilienScout24 from the list and click on “Add portal”.

Clicking on “ImmobilienScout24” in the list displays the portal’s settings.

A red notice appears in the settings:
Certification check: failed.
This is normal and correct in this case. The certification itself is carried out in the next step.

3. Certification

Please click on the button “for certification”, the following dialog box will appear:

Clicking on “Certify now” will take you to the ImmobilienScout24 login dialog – unless you have already registered with ImmobilienScout24 in parallel. The “Allow access” dialog will now appear. Please enter the same user name here as in the User name field in the portal settings.  Please note that the user name is case sensitive.

After that the dialog “Allow access” opens. Please confirm access for onOffice.

A message about the successful certification appears.

Please close the window to return to the onOffice portal settings.

Now a red message no longer appears, but a green one:
Certification check: successful.

4. If it doesn’t work…

  • If the certification check shows failed, repeat the certification again.
  • If you have entered the wrong username, you can change it.
  • If a message comes from ImmobilienScout24 “User is already certified”, you must change the user name in ImmobilienScout24 and then also enter this in the portal settings at onOffice. Then you can recertify.
  • Sometimes it also helps to reset the certification and restart the certification.

5. Activate interface

After the certification is successfully completed, you can activate the portal via the “Active” checkbox, please do not forget to save.

You can also configure the other settings and some specific settings  for ImmobilienScout24.

This completes the setup and you can transfer properties. Please also note the instructions for controlling the transmission.

In order to release the contact person of a property for the broker business directory of ImmobilienScout 24, the contact type of the address “IS24 business directory contact” must be set.

6. Transmission error

Please check the job log regularly for errors.

The error messages usually state which field is affected. The property number on the left of the line is created as a ‘link’, clicking on it will take you directly to the property where the error occurred.

A list of common errors can be found here.

7. Renew certification

If the access data has changed in Immobilienscout24 or the certification has been reset, you have to release the access again, i.e. renew the certification.

To do this, please activate the “Reset certification” checkbox and save the portal setting.

After that you can get the certification from 3.  perform again.