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Portal jobs

In the job overview Extras >> Jobs you can see a list of all registered portal transfers. The list view can be filtered by the criteria ‘Status’, ‘Job ID’, ‘ImmoNr.’, ‘Street’, ‘User’, ‘Portal’ and ‘Provider’. Clicking on the respective job or via the edit icon Icon for Edit will take you to the detailed view.


The job status (successful/failed) is displayed in color.

green – successfully transmitted
orange – partially successfully transmitted
red – Error – not transferred

In the “partially successfully transferred” status, at least one of several properties was not transferred. Double-click on the job to see which of the properties have not been transferred.


The progress bar shows whether your transfer is complete or what percentage of the respective job has already been transferred. The jobs are listed with increasing topicality.


The “Type” column shows you whether the transfer is a partial or full adjustment.

Job progress

Detailed view

Double-click on the desired job to access the detailed view. Here it is possible to see exactly the status.

Were there any problems with the transmission? Was the property transmitted incompletely?
The property numbers of the properties where problems occurred are listed. These property numbers are designed as links, which lead directly to the respective properties.

In the following example, there were problems with the transfer because the underlying FTP connection to the portal could not be established. The reason for this may be a temporary server failure on the portal side, but it may also happen that your access has been blocked by the portal.

Job detail view

Note message

Job alert

If any of your portal transfers fail, you will see a notice on the dashboard. The hint is displayed only if your last check of the portal overview “Extras >> Jobs” is before the job failed. The notice is also displayed only for the user who started this portal transfer.
Clicking on the message takes you to the job overview. Only your failed portal transfers will then be displayed. You can customize this view using the filter bar at the top.

In the Dashboard, you can additionally display the “Failed Jobs” widget  .