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Portal adjustment

Please remember that mass part matching also deletes properties in the portal. Properties that have been entered, for which the indicator has beenReserve a property for the portal removed, are deleted from this portal during the next mass part comparison.

Portal synchronization can transfer all properties marked for export to a portal at once.

As “marked” all properties count which have got a hook Reserve a property for the portal in the marketing to this portal.

In the example picture thus the portal interfaces to Immowelt and In these portals, the property will be added or updated with the next portal adjustment.

To mark a property for portal matching, click on the respective checkbox to the left of the portal name. If a portal comparison is carried out for the corresponding portal, the marked real estate is transferred. If the check mark is removed from a property already transferred to the portal, the property will be removed from the portal during the next portal adjustment.

Groups and portal synchronization

Please remember, if you have limited the number of properties in the portal or use the property rotation , then the set number per vendor number is allowed. So total number of transferred properties = rotation limit * different vendor numbers.

In the case of office groups, an individual provider number for each group or completely individual user data for a portal can be stored. Note that the slash character “/” is not allowed in a provider number.

In this case, the provider number is evaluated that the currently logged on user who calls up the portal comparison has.
Real estate is transferred:

  • that are flagged
  • which are already set in the portal with the provider number / access data of the current user
  • for properties that have not yet been posted, those for which the property manager has the same provider number as the current user

If real estate without a caretaker is inadvertently flagged, it is only transferred if the current user has the same provider number that is defined in the basic settings

Perform portal synchronization

Via Actions >> Real Estate Actions >> Full Portal Adjustment , portal adjustments can be started.

Full portal adjustment

In the popup, please select the transfer type first. Afterwards, you specify the portals for which an alignment is to be performed by setting the check mark. The number / numbers behind the portal name indicates how many properties are currently reserved for the selected transfer type.

Which portals can be checked and the number of properties per portal that are marked for matching changes depending on the transfer type.
Portals for which a real estate limitation/rotation has been activated can only be selected for “full synchronization”.

After clicking on “Next” the job is registered and a job number is assigned.


A full adjustment is given lower priority by the job server to avoid a jam of individual adjustments. This means that waiting times of one hour or longer may occur during full comparisons.

Transmission types and differences

Transmission type Function
Mass partial adjustment

All properties that are marked are transferred to the portal. Properties for which the marketing for this portal was unchecked will be deleted from the portal.

Only the properties that have changed since the last portal adjustment are updated.

Full adjustment In the first step, all properties that you have placed on the portal are deleted. In the second step, the real estate properties that are registered for this portal are added
Delete all properties All properties are deleted from the portal