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Mass update addresses

Please note:

The selection always refers to the last active tab in the list view of the module.

The data of all listed addresses are overwritten with the newly selected values.
A reset to the old value is NOT possible.

Mass update addresses in general

With the mass update you can overwrite or change the contact type of a group of addresses of the supervisors in one go. You can also specify whether the addresses are to be synchronized with Outlook / the mobile phone. The changes you make with the mass update apply to the currently filtered address list.

Select Actions >> Mass update >> Addresses.

With this function you have the possibility to replace the maintainer in the previously filtered address records.

Here you can activate or deactivate the listed address data records collected for onOffice Sync. By default, this is done for your own user, but can also be done for another user. In this case, please select the user in the selection box.

You can use this function to add a contact type to all (filtered) addresses. However, it is also possible to remove existing entries collectively.

If you select ‘Contacts – Update settings’, you can use the edit icon to call up a list of the available contact types and select the desired one.

With this setting, you can specify whether automatic brochure sending is activated or deactivated.

Here the decision whether an address receives a newsletter can be overwritten manually.

This allows you to set the fields “Save to date, Save to reason and GDPR status” for GDPR handling. Please remember that if you set the Save To date manually, it will no longer change automatically when you archive a property.

The onOffice Sync can also be used to synchronize addresses to other devices. The mass update can be used to determine which addresses are synchronized for which user.

For this function alone it is not necessary to assign the administrative right “mass update”, the user right “sync for other users” is sufficient. This allows these users to call the mass update and only see the function “onOffice Sync – Overwrite setting”.

Warning: If the user for whom you overwrite the setting does not have read access to the record, the data will still be synchronized. Please use a filter to make sure that you only edit records that the user is supposed to see.