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Process manager

Cancel / skip process

It may happen that a process that has been started is not to be completed, e.g. if the property in question is no longer available while the marketing is being prepared.

In addition, there are process steps that should be skipped because, for example, the owner does not have an email address, or no appointment needs to be created with the owner at all (the corresponding appointment topic has already been discussed on another occasion).

Users with the appropriate permissions can cancel processes or skip process steps. The process controller receives an email when a process step is skipped.

For users with the right “Cancel process” , the item “Cancel process” is displayed in the action bar of the process list. This item also appears in the list of running processes, which is called up via the menu Edit >> Processes , and for the individual process step itself.

Cancel process

Cancel process Process step
The aborted processes are listed in the Process Manager Edit >> Processes in the tab “Aborted Processes “. There you check which user aborted a process and when.

Skipping is only possible for the following process steps

  • Date
  • Letter
  • Email
  • Follow-up

For users with the “Skip process” right, the menu item “Skip process step” is offered in the action bar of the list views.

Skip process step
If a step cannot be skipped in the selected processes, a corresponding message is displayed.

In the process steps where skipping is possible, a button for skipping is also offered.

Skip process step