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Quicklist widget

You can use the Quicklist widget to display lists of specific addresses or properties on the dashboard. The selected settings are displayed next to the widget title in the widget frame. The list content is determined by an address filter or a real estate filter.
If you have not yet created the desired filter, you must first create and save it. Further information can be found here for address filters or property filters.

For example, you can create a filter for your top offers – i.e. for all properties that are marked as “Top offer” in the“Marketing” tab.

Once the desired filter has been created, you can add the widget, you will find it in the General tab as “Address with filter” or “Property with filter”. You can select the desired filter in the widget configuration.


Like all widgets, the Quicklist widget can be added multiple times. For example, you can display apartments in one widget and houses in another, properties from a specific zip code area, etc. Similarly, you can create different widgets for addresses.

You can generally specify which columns are to be displayed in the administration , where there are entries with ” Dashboard widget …” in the list selection for the corresponding module. Each user can also customizethe columns individually using the list configuration icon in the top right-hand corner of the widget.

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