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Change statistics

You can change a statistic later or save it as a template. To do this, open the configuration dialog via the icon Icon Schraubenschlüssel in the widget frame. Exceptions are the statistics with monthly stored values. These are fixed after activation and cannot be changed, but can still be saved as a template.


Please note: Changing the module in the “Settings” category will reset all existing configurations.

A point-by-point description of the statistics configuration dialog can be found under “Create statistics” and partly also in the explanation examples in “Work with statistics“.

If you want to evaluate further criteria, add the corresponding filters or delete a filter that is no longer required. The same applies to activities.
You can also enable or disable the display of the total annual values and assign a user or group to the selected widget.

In the case of new statistics with a time reference, an adjustment of the fields and conditions in the “Time reference” area will initially be necessary more frequently.

If similar or the same criteria and time references are to be evaluated for other fields, you can save the statistics as a template and create new statistics from them, which you then adjust.