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Activate languages

When the module is active, some languages are automatically activated. If the desired language is not available in the language selection for addresses or properties, you can activate it under Extras >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Language tab .

You can find a training video on the subject of multilingualism here.

Standard language for addresses

Some properties of newly created address data records can be specified via Settings in the user Extras >> Settings >> User >> User name >> Settings tab. One of them is the language of contact.
Default language for address entries: This is an individual adjustment, so the employee who mainly looks after customers from a neighbouring country always has the desired language preset directly for his new addresses.

Standards for property

In property, there is more than one setting. Analogous to the addresses, there is a default language for property in the user settings and additionally the option Automatically create property in all languages:.
The latter is not a user-specific setting, but applies to all users. Therefore, the option is located in the basic settings, more precisely in Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> Tab General >> Category Multilingualism.

The system language is displayed by default and the desired language version is created if a different language is requested by the user.

User interface language

You can change the user interface of enterprise to another language. The language of the user interface is set under Tools >> Settings >> User >> User name >> Basic data tab in the “System language” field.
The languages listed here are independent of the list of languages for properties and addresses in the basic settings.

Language dependent fields

For multilingual properties, all language-dependent fields, e.g. the free texts such as location, description, equipment, etc. are maintained in the desired languages, all other property fields are synchronized between the different language versions of a property.

You can configure which fields should be language-dependent in the Administration under Tools >> Settings >> Administration >> Input Fields tab. Via the checkboxes in the column (Multi-language update) with the globe symbol you determine whether the field is available identically in all languages (checkbox set) or whether it is available once per language (checkbox not set).