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Time recording


In addition to the basic settings for working time recording, user rights are also required to control and manage working times.

Here the configuration is explained to you. In addition, we have summarized a few videos on the topic of working time recording.

Manage working time recording – user rights

In the rights of the individual users you can set a total of 3 rights for the working time recording, as well as assign an administrative right.

Arbeitszeiterfassung verwalten – Benutzerrechte

In den Rechten der einzelnen Benutzer können Sie insgesamt 3 Rechte für die Arbeitszeiterfassung einstellen, sowie ein administratives Recht vergeben.

  • User settings of the working time recording: This right is necessary for changing the working time for other users. In the overview of the working time recording the user selector appears, with which the working times can be opened for all other users.
    The working times (target and actual values) can be changed subsequently for all days.
  • Edit vacation dates of all users: via this right it is possible to set the vacation dates of all users to “approved” or “canceled”. Furthermore, the vacation dates can be additionally edited with this right.
  • Visible working hours: There you can set which working hours are visible for the respective user. You can choose between:
    • only own
    • all
    • Office Group
    • Regional Group
  • Administrative Law: Color coding in task box: This right allows the user to see in Quicksearch whether the working time tracking is currently active (green font color) or inactive for other users. Furthermore, if the working time tracking is inactive, but the task tracking is active, the tracked task number is displayed in red color in the Quicksearch. Hovering the mouse over the entry will show more information about the user’s working time (Today’s working time and First start of working time).

Manage working time recording – configuration

The default values of working time, vacation, etc. can be customized for individual users. To do this, please open the overview of the working time recording Edit >> Working time and click on the “User settings” button at the bottom right. 3 tabs are displayed in the popup.

  • General
    Overview of all users and their general year-specific data. A change is possible here. 
    The When you place the mouse cursor on a column heading, a brief explanation of the term appears.
    E.g. Rounding = “Rounding start time to X minutes (0 – 30)” – this rounds the start of the working time to the nearest “X” min interval, for X=15 a start at 08:05 becomes 08:15.
  • User settings
    The complete individual data that was previously in the user settings is displayed in this tab. Here you can set the daily working time, break time, vacation entitlement and much more. Here you can also enter a minimum rest period that should be observed by employees. If the rest period is undercut, this is shown in the working time recording with the code RZ as “Rest period undercut” and an e-mail is sent to the supervisor, who also issues the leave releases. Please remember, for inclusive overtime, the “plus balance” will not change until target time plus inclusive overtime is exceeded.
  • Vacation settings
    Here you can set the general vacation settings of the users per year. Only those users are listed who have also had the working time recording active in the selected year. Note that“Remaining leave until” must be filled in so that the remaining leave from the previous year can be transferred correctly. Initially, the value is taken from“Remaining leave valid until (DD.MM)” of the “User settings” tab, but can still be edited for each year.

The working time registration is activated automatically for new users, starting from the day when the user account is created.

Working time recording settings

The general basic settings for the working time recording are stored in the Basicsettings, Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >>Miscellaneous tab .

  • Number of days that the working time may be edited retroactively
  • e-mail contact for additional notifications for appointment approvals; In addition to the group leader, for example, his deputy or other persons can also be informed about vacation requests. Please enter the corresponding e-mail contact here.
  • e-mail contact for appointment approvals without office group leader; For colleagues who are not assigned to an office group, the e-mail contact for vacation approval can be entered here.