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Email filter

You can also sort your emails into freely selectable folders according to previously defined filters. For example, import reports are moved directly into a folder without burdening your daily email traffic. To select your emails, go to Additional Actions >> Filter Email. You can also create an email filter from the Quicksearch. You can access the filter area quickly and easily by searching for emails in the Quicksearch and clicking on Detail Filter.

In the illustration below, you can see the filters you have already installed in the left window. These are only valid for the respective user. The right window is not editable, it is only used for the automatic assignment of contents such as address data that you receive from the respective portals.

To create a new filter, click on “New”.

Filter Name:

Enter the desired name of the filter.

For emails in:

The filter settings apply to the emails that are located in the folder specified here.

which meet all the following criteria / which meet one of the following criteria:

Make the desired selection here. Then click on “Add” to define the criteria according to which you want to filter.

perform the following action:

Here you decide what to do with your filtered mail: move it to a folder, mark it as read or mark or delete the message.

Example: If a mail in the inbox contains the term “Import report” in the subject line, this mail should be moved to the archive.

Click on “Save”. Your new email filter now appears in the left filter window. All unread emails are taken into account by the filter; in the example, all unread import reports would be moved to the archive. If an email was opened before the filter was created, it is not recognized by the filter. In this case it is sufficient to mark the mail as unread. Afterwards, the filter recognizes it and performs the corresponding action.