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Post office box

onOffice enterprise has a fully-fledged e-mail client. Start your e-mail administration by clicking on the e-mail symbol on the left in the module bar


Under Identity on the left, select the mailbox you want to work with. In the Identity drop-down box, you can change the mailbox if multiple mailboxes are assigned to you.

Below you can see the e-mail folders of this mailbox, divided into System folders and My folders.

In the upper content area, on the right, you can see the e-mail list with the most important information about each e-mail. By clicking on a list entry, the preview of the selected e-mail appears below. The selection of mails via the checkbox only applies to the selection / action selection directly below the mail list.

You can also drag and drop one or more selected e-mails into other folders with the mouse.

As soon as there are more than 100 e-mails in the inbox / folder, the selection “Load additional 100 e-mails” appears. You can adjust the number in the user settings

As soon as you look at a preview or open an e-mail, an attempt is made to assign addresses and properties.

The action bar at the bottom only affects the e-mail currently displayed in the preview. With it, you have direct access to important e-mail actions such as replies, forwarding etc..

You can define basic settings such as the assignment of mailboxes or forwarding in the basic settings.

Settings for the individual user such as font, format or signatures are stored in the user settings .

Color display of e-mails

The e-mails with red writing and yellow background have been given a high priority / urgency by the sender. If you have blue e-mails, they have been assigned a low priority / urgency. All e-mails with normal status are displayed in black.


e-mails All e-mails, no e-mails, inverted display or according to the respective status: Select the view of your e-mails according to various criteria

E-mail lists Action

Via “Action”, directly below the e-mail list, you can delete the opened or selected e-mails or mark them according to certain specifications. It is also possible to move to other folders in this menu via “Move to”. A selection window with all folders of the mailbox is displayed