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Serial mails

Please note that, in contrast to other providers, onOffice has no limits for sending serial mails.

With the onOffice enterprise edition you can easily create serial mails to send an email to several of your prospects or customers. With a serial email, a single email is sent to each recipient. This means that each email also contains the appropriate individual letter salutation.

Serial mails are created normally via the “Write email” dialog, but the serial mail mode is also activated. You will find a detailed description in the customer communicationsection.

With the additional module “Marketing-Box” you can evaluate for a serial mail which recipients have opened the email and which have not.

Please note that individual evaluation is only permitted with the consent of the recipient. It is necessary that you have previously obtained permission from each addressee to store their reading behaviour by means of “tracking pixels”.

Based on this, you can automatically trigger processes via the onOffice process manager and, for example, have tasks created for the maintainer of the address data record.