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Absence note

If you go on vacation or are sick and cannot or do not want to be reached by e-mail during this time, an automatic reply including an out-of-office note is useful so that your contacts do not have to wait unnecessarily long for a reply.

In the user settings for e-mails , you can set up an out-of-office note for the onOffice e-e-mailboxes that are assigned to you.

In the basic e-mail settings, which you can access via Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> E-mail tab , you can set up the out-of-office notification on the “onOffice e-e-mailboxes / external POP3 e-e-mailboxes” tab for all e-mailboxes located at onOffice. This can only be set by administrators.

For other, external e-mailboxes, please use the e-mailbox management at the corresponding provider.