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The configuration of your e-mails differs depending on whether you already use e-mail addresses or mailboxes and want to keep them or whether you want to use new e-mail addresses that onOffice enterprise edition makes available to you in any number.

In the user settings, you define the default settings for your e-mail dispatch. You can also define settings for display, signature, out of office note and spam protection. You can get there via Tools >> Settings >> Users >> E-mail tab.

E-mail spell checker

To use spell checking when writing a mail, you must have installed and enabled the appropriate spell checking add-on in your browser. If this is the case, incorrectly written words will now be underlined in red when writing a mail. To correct the misspelled words, hold down the Ctrl key and right-click the word you want to correct. For Mac, please press the command or (apple) key instead of the Ctrl key. Now you can select the correct spelling from the correction suggestions offered.

Assign multiple mailboxes and distribution

lists Multiple users can access one mailbox and distribution lists with multiple recipients are also possible. These can only be set up by administrators in the basic settings >> E-Mails .

Manage mailboxes

In the basic e-mail settings, you can set up your mailboxes independently, apply for a domain, create imports or enter forwarding and absence notes . This area is only accessible to administrators. Via Tools >> Settings >> Basic settings >> E-mail tab you can make the desired settings. Further help can be found here.