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Customer communication

Proof of interest

The proof of interest works in a similar way to the activity report. Go to the tab Interested parties, select the tab “so far offered”. To transmit the linked addresses to the owner, select all addresses using the box in the table heading or the addresses individually

Afterwards you call from the list actions below the list either the point contact >> email – prospective customer list or letter – prospective customer list.

Please note that if the property has more than one owner, only the first one will be contacted

Contact owner

With the selection “Contact owner” the email dialog opens. Under “Templates:” in the “onOffice System Templates” folder, select the “Prospect list”

You can adapt the templates to your own requirements. OnOffice offers template training via webinar for this purpose. If you are interested, please contact our support.

Write letter

If you have selected “Write letter”, the letter dialog opens. Please choose the format “Word template” and for the templates under the folder “onOffice System Templates” between the templates “Prospective Buyer Proof Version 1” or “Prospective Buyer Proof 2”. Select the appropriate template and then click the “Create” button. Then you can open or save the letter and open it later in Word