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You can create letters in address and property records via the action bar, via Contact >> Letter . Also in list views of properties and addresses, letters can be written directly to several recipients via the action bar Write >> Write letter . Either the address data records or the property data records are linked accordingly. Besides there are some other places where “Create letter” or “Create Word write” are available.
A special case are letters from the result list of the property search (addresses / property), letters created via the list actions have already linked property and address.

In enterprise, letters are representative for writing with Word, PDF letters and PDF forms. All together are created via the letter dialog (the popup “Create letter”).

The letter dialog contains tabs similar to the email dialog and also shows below the number of linked addresses, properties and attachments.

Letters are written to “addresses” as recipients, but often refer to property. Therefore, links can be made to both and thus also use values from addresses and property via macros . As usual in enterprise, the data record from which the letter was created is already linked. You can add more of each.

Templates and macros can be used to create letters quickly and easily.

The creation of letters is noted in the activities of the assigned address and property data records. If a characteristic has been defined in template management, this is also set. The created letters can be edited via the activities.

Letters to multiple recipients are created as a mail merge and can be sorted by zip code or name.