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Customer communication

Customer principle – list of interested parties

With the interested parties list, you can send an owner and potential customers a detailed list of suitable interested parties for their property


No name of interested parties is displayed, only the search criteria are listed


email list of interested parties Select the suitable interested parties in the address list and then select the item “email – list of interested parties” in the action bar under “Write”

The window for composing an email opens. Please enter the recipient and select the template “Mail with list of interested parties” in the folder “General – HTML”

You must still adapt some text passages, these are bold marked and framed with XXX (XXXBriefanredeXXX). Please do not use the _Briefanrede macro, this does not work as expected

The template contains the necessary macros to output the search criteria in the email. You can customize the template and also configure the search criteria that are displayed: The list of possible macros can be found in the macro list.

Only one search criterion is output per linked address. If more than one search criterion is stored for an address, the first one is removed from the list

The number of linked prospects for whom the search criteria are output is shown in the lower left corner. In this case, the interested parties are the addresses you have selected in the list view.

An entry of the selected search criteria is then displayed in the email for each linked interested party