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The messenger is integrated into the sidebar. You can easily and comfortably contact your broker colleagues or the onOffice support.

Also in the onOffice App the Messenger is integrated, so you can write or read messages on the go.


As soon as messages are available, a red dot with the number of messages is displayed next to the icon for opening the sidebar (three horizontal bars) and the Messenger tab.

Next to the name of the contact, the corresponding number is then also displayed. Click on the name to open the message window.

When you open the Messenger, you will see the chat history and you can use “Insert meeting link” to insert the meeting link for video conferences from the user settings .

Chat rooms are displayed above the list of contacts. By default, 2 are available, you can create more yourself
Any user can join the “broker chat” . property agents from all over the German-speaking area are constantly writing to each other here. You can get or give helpful advice and tips from other estate agents. Via the “Support Chat” you have the direct contact to the onOffice support.

Broker and support chat


Using the search entry you can search for contacts from your version and users from other versions who have already confirmed your request. Click on a contact in the search to write to them directly.

There is also a search button among the contacts you have already chatted with. You can use it to search for contacts from other versions.

All contacts

Next to it you will find the tab “All contacts”. All known contacts are displayed here in alphabetical order. Here you can also read/write messages.

Add / remove contact

By clicking on the “Search” button a new window will open, you can search for contacts by name, first name and city and add them to your contact list by double-clicking.

If you do not want to participate in the chat, you can make yourself “untraceable”. In the menu under Tools >> Settings >> Users >> Your user name >> Basic data , uncheck the option “Visible in Messenger search for all onOffice users”.

In the complete contact list you can delete the user from the contact list by clicking on the trash can behind the name.

Chat rooms

In onOffice you also have the possibility to create chat rooms. You can include all users already added to the Messenger – also from other onOffice versions – in these.
To do this, click on the button ‘Create new chat room’ in the settings of the Messenger.

Anlegen und einstellen eines Chatraums

A popup opens in which you are entered as the first participant. You can add new participants and assign rights (user and editor). With “Save” you can create the chat room if the name of the chat room is entered and at least 2 users are assigned.

Editors can add or remove participants and delete a created chat room.


In the settings you can decide whether contacts which are offline are displayed and whether the confirmation user is displayed. The confirmation user will show you contacts with a yellow dot who want to chat with you.

Push notifications

Messages sent with the Messenger can also be received via push notification and thus be displayed directly in the lower right part of the screen.