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The Quicksearch is the upper area in the sidebar. It offers the fastest way to search and/or filter for tasks, emails, properties or addresses.

You can search for individual data as well as for several criteria. The more fields you fill in, the more detailed your search results will be.

If you are searching for a criterion that is not included in the quick search, you can easily switch to the detailed search by clicking on the ‘Show detailed search’ button.

The search fields that are displayed in the Quicksearch can be freely configuredvia Administration >> Input fields .

First determine whether you want to search for properties, addresses, emails or tasks by clicking on the corresponding icon.


Search result

If the information only applies to one record, it is opened directly.

If there is more than one possible match, a list of the search results is displayed in a separate window.

The search terms are displayed at the top of the list next to the info iconInfo symbol.

The search results are displayed in two parts. At the top, the colored addresses with a direct hit are displayed and below them those with a partial hit.
Direct hits are those in which the searched term occurs exactly as it was entered. For example, when searching for an address with ‘Otto’ in the ‘Name’ field, an address with the first name ‘Otto’ is a direct hit, an address record with the first name ‘Ottokar’ is a partial hit.

Within the ranges, the results are then sorted according to the desired criterion.

The search result is almost a list view like the modules themselves. The same configuration options are available as in the modules(property, addresses and tasks) themselves. Besides the table, tile and presentation view, you can set the number of entries per page, scroll, sort and have the functions from the respective action bar.

Which columns are displayed can be customized in the administration .

If you want to print the search result, please use the “Print” entry in the action bar.

The search results for emails differ in the display (see above).

Detailed search

If you are searching for a criterion that is not included in Quicksearch, you can switch to the detailed search by clicking on the ‘Detailed search’ button.
There you can search more fields for properties, addresses and emails. If you search for several fields, the result will be all records that match all search terms.
For properties there is the simple search with few fields, the advanced search and the search by search criteria.
Detailed search
Click on the “Search” button to start the search and the results list will be opened, which is also used for the normal search.


Using the Quicksearch you can also quickly and easily create a filter for addresses or properties. Specify the desired criteria and click on “Filter”. A filter is created and the main address list with the newly created filter is displayed.
Via the filter dialog in the toolbar, you can select “Edit filter” and adjust the filter or save it directly under a separate name for future use. You can find more information about filters here for addresses or here for property.

Detail filter

If you are looking for several address records or property records, it is recommended that you create a filter. By clicking on Detail filter you can directly access the filter function of the individual modules. There you can create a filter, which you can use in the future. You can view the exact filter creation for addresses, property or emails .

Quicksearch – Settings

Quick search settings
All options at a glance:

  • Observe filter: If the check mark is set, active filters or worklists will be considered when searching via Quicksearch.
  • Include non-active ones: If the check mark is set, not only active but also archived records are included in the search.
  • Search results in new window: If the check mark is set, search results are opened in a new window. The current view is retained.
  • Leave result window open after clicking: If the check mark is set, the results list window remains open even if you have selected the record you are looking for from the results list and opened it by clicking. If the check mark is not set, the results list window is closed as soon as you have opened the record you are looking for by clicking on it.
  • Note the view: If you activate this option, the Quicksearch window changes automatically. If you open the address administration, the Quicksearch selection also jumps to “Addresses”. However, the default setting remains independent of the module as before.
  • Automatic placeholders: If the check mark is set, a fractional input already leads to suggested results. For example, you can enter “uttgar” in the Location field: the results list now shows results that contain the fragment you are looking for in the Location field (Stuttgart). If the check mark is not set, an exact entry is required.
  • Automatically close sidebar after search: If the check mark is set, the sidebar is automatically folded up after the search.

Video – Quicksearch