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Absence note


The out-of-office notification must always be set up with the provider where the e-mailbox is located. The option described here can therefore only be set up for e-mailboxes that are located at onOffice itself.

To set up an out-of-office note for an e-mail box, first open the e-mail administration under: Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> E-mail tab.

Select the tab “onOffice e-mailboxes / external POP3 e-mailboxes”, there you can set up the out of office notification for all e-mailboxes located at onOffice. Open the details of the e-mailbox by clicking on the corresponding e-mail address.

Here you can activate or deactivate the absence note. If an absence note is activated, you can now also see here directly to which e-mail addresses this absence note has been sent. Clicking on “Edit out-of-office message” opens a lightbox where you can store the subject and message in text or HTML format. Please note that macros do not work.

Then click on “Save” to save the text. The received emails will now be replied with this out of office note, but will remain in the inbox for you to view.

If an out-of-office message has already been sent to an address, the sender will not receive another out-of-office message when writing to that address again. The storage of the addresses already written to will be deleted again when the out-of-office notification is deactivated.

Here is explained the setting of the out of office note for the whole e-mailbox. However, the individual assigned users of a e-mailbox can also set up individual out-of-office notes. This is described in more detail here .