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Portal request / Activities

Several examples will explain how statistics can be used and how they can be changed via the configuration. There are several example pages at “Working with Statistics“.

Another example is the “Portal Request” template, where the evaluation for the “Activities” module is to be clarified.


Please note that new activity entries will not be visible in the statistics until the next day.

You can also create statistics based on activities. This is comparable to the evaluations of the success cockpit, but the statistics can be used for longer periods of time.
Activities are entries for a certain date, therefore the “temporal reference” is always given here.

An example of a statistic with activities is the standard template “Portal Requests”. The example displays the portal requests for three frequently used portals.

Settings SKW Portal Requests

For the desired period, the property agent book entries are searched for incoming emails from these portals and the hits are counted.