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Process manager

Action Owner Notification

Clicking the action Owner notification opens the following mask.

The following entries can be made.

Here you can choose whether you want to send a letter or an email to the owner.

For the responsibility, you can choose between the process owner, the person in charge of the property or address record linked to the process (provided, of course, that a property or address record is linked to the process step) or a direct user. The process step is then visible to the relevant responsible person among the running processes and must then be created and completed by that person.

In this selection point you decide whether the email should be sent manually or automatically.
If the sending is set to “automatic”, a “fixed sending time” of the email can be defined.

For letters is fixed manual setting.

Please note that only agent’s log entries which are marked for tracking will be sent.

Two different options can be set. On the one hand, the total period can be set, where all activities of the property are taken into account. On the other hand, you can set that the ‘Last X days’ are considered. If the second option is selected, an additional field is added to enter a numerical value. If the process step is executed, only the last days from the time of execution are considered.

You can define a deadline for the completion of this process step in days. If after the start the process step has not been processed within the set time limit (specified in days), an e-mail is sent to the process controller to inform him about the delay. The e-mail address of the process controller can be entered in the process settings (wrench icon).

It can be set whether the process related property or no property is considered for this process step.

Depending on what was selected under ‘Type’, letter or email templates are available here. For letters, you can choose between PDF letter templates and Word templates. Accordingly, the concrete template can be selected below.