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Process manager

Action Forward e-mail

By clicking the action“Forward e-mail” the following mask appears:


Please note that the process step ‘Forward e-mail’ only works if the process is started by an autostart on an e-mail activity or manually from an e-mail.

The following input options are available here:

You define the start of the process step in the upper left corner. Choose here between starting “After finishing previous” or after “x days after previous”.

In this selection point you decide whether the e-mail should be sent manually or automatically.
If the sending is set to “automatic”, a “fixed sending time” of the e-mail can be defined.

Select whether the mail is sent with or without the signature of the person responsible for the contact.

In the case of responsibility, you can choose between the person responsible for the process, the person responsible for the property or contact data record linked to the process (the prerequisite for this is, of course, that a property or contact data record is linked to the process step), or a user. The process step is then visible for the corresponding responsible person under the running process and must then be created and completed by this person.

You use these two icons to decide which property or contact this process step refers to. Any activity / agent’s log entries are then made in these data records.

These two selectors allow you to specify CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) of the e-mail. If you have made a selection here, the font ‘Next recipient in CC / BCC’ will be displayed in red.

A note text for the recipient can be stored here.