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Actions Assign contact / property

By adding the process step Assign contact or Assign property , you can manually assign an contact or property in the process that is executed later.  If this step is built into a process, no contact or property can be selected initially when starting this process template.

When creating the process template, the following mask appears:

The following input options are available here:

You define the start of the process step in the upper left corner. Here you have the choice between starting “After finishing the previous” or after “x days after previous”.

For the responsibility, you can choose between the process owner, the person in charge of the property or contact record linked to the process (provided, of course, that a property or contact record is linked to the process step) or a direct user. The process step is then visible for the corresponding responsible person under the running process and must then be created and completed by this person.

You can define a deadline for the completion of this process step in days. If the process step has not been processed within the set time limit (specified in days) after start, an e-mail is sent to the process controller to inform him about the delay. You store the e-mail contact of the process controller in the process settings (wrench symbol).

If the process step Assign contact is selected, only the additional link of the process-related property can be selected. If this value is set to no property link, no links to an property are necessary. Please pay attention to other process steps. If an property link is necessary there, it will be displayed in the process template in the upper right area.

Should the process step Assign property be selected, several options for contact linking can be set. These links refer to links already created in the property. For example, if the value  Assign tenant of the property is selected, the corresponding stored contact link from the property should be used for the process when executing the process.