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Action bar detail view

The address action bar contains all functions/actions that can be performed with an address record. The action bar is located at the bottom.

Send email

This function allows you to compose an email from any point in the address record. If several email addresses are stored, you can select the desired email address using the arrow symbol next to “Write email”.


  • Email
    Here you can write another email to the selected contact, this will be sent to the stored main
    email address.
  • SMS
    If you have stored a mobile phone number and your prepaid account has sufficient credit, you can use this function to send an SMS.
  • Letter
    This function allows you to write a letter with stored macros to the respective address.
  • Fax
    This function allows you to send a fax from the address record, provided your prepaid account has sufficient credit and a fax number is stored.


  • Activity
    This function allows you to manually create activities for the address record.
  • Search criterion
    Here you can create search criteria for the address data record.
  • Task
    This button allows you to create a task with a direct address link.
  • Appointment
    This button allows you to create an appointment with a direct address link.
  • Process
    This button allows you to create a new process with a direct link to the address.
  • Resubmission
    Use this action to create a resubmission for a user.

Other actions

  • Recalculate fields
    This option allows you to reset the calculation fields that can be manually overwritten.
  • Address completion
    This function allows you to send your contacts a link to address completion . The completion can refer to the whole address, the search criteria or both. In this way, you can also have the interested party update only the search criteria, if necessary.
  • Send contact
    This function allows you to send the contact data of the selected record as an email attachment. The email composer will open automatically and the contact information will be attached as a “.vcf” file. The recipient can then add this file to their address book (e.g. Outlook, iPhone or Android).
    The template for sending is set in the Basic settings >> General >> Sending contact data.
    Of course, you can also create an address in enterprise yourself from the contact data you receive by mail as a .vcf file. To do so, please click on the attachment in the email you received. The “Create Addresses” dialog opens, where you can check the data again and then create the address record by clicking the “Create” button.
  • Record rights
    Here you can call up the individual record rights for the opened address record. You can find more information here .
  • Expand worklist
    By pressing this button you can configure your worklist and determine whether the selected record should be inserted in a new worklist or added to an existing worklist.
  • Delete address
    Use this function to delete the selected contact.
  • Duplicate check
    This function of the address action bar allows you to search your database for duplicates .
  • Duplicate
    This function allows you to duplicate the selected contact.
  • Transfer activities
    This function allows you to move activities from this address record to another address record.
  • Assign property
    This allows you to assign a property to the address on the “Property search” tab under “Manual assignment”  .