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Direct contact completion – Settings / Shipping

General defaults for contact completion can be found in Basic Settings >> Automation (tab: General, Category: Contact completion). There you can set whether one or more search criteria are to be seen in the contact completion and whether automatically created search criteria are also displayed. Automatically created search criteria have been created via a property or contact assignment, e.g. for portal queries.


When you select Contact Completion in the Actions bar of an contact record, a pop-up window opens. Here you can specify e-mail contact, text, combination of the information (mode) and some options.

Here is a list of the individual fields and options:


The e-mail contact from the contact record is automatically inserted. If the contact has multiple e-mail contacts, you can select here to which the completion link will be sent.


You can customize the text that appears in the e-mail above the link to suit your needs. Macros contained therein, such as the letter salutation, will be replaced when sent.


Here you can select which e-mail signature should be sent with the contact completion.


Here you can select whether the customer should complete only his contact data, only his search criteria, or both.

If you have the category Money Laundering Act (MLCA) active in your contact records and if input fields for contact completion have also been activated, you can extend the contact data completion to query the data for the MLCA. Please select the queries with the addition GWG.

  • Contact
  • Contact with search criteria
  • Search criteria only
  • Contact with GWG
  • Contact with search criteria and GWG

Search criteria

If your prospect already has search criteria on file with you, you can decide here whether to edit the existing search criteria (and also create new ones), or just create new search criteria to add to the existing ones. Here the mandatory field settings are taken into account in the search criteria. If these fields are not filled in, a corresponding warning message appears. If search criteria are changed or removed (edited), this is stored in the remarks of the respective search criterion.

In the Basic Settings >> Automation >> General >> Contact Completion Category you can select “Send all search profiles (manual first, max. 5 search criteria)” or “Send only the first search profile”. In the “Edit” mode, either the first 5 or only the first search profile is then sent to the customer for editing.


When the contactee enters a new search criterion, you can specify which fields are displayed to him. If it should not be the standard fields for search criteria , please select the appropriate template here. For example, you can query different criteria for apartments than for houses. This is also useful if you want to enter search criteria for commercial properties.


You can set some options and ask the customer questions, which he must confirm.

  • Save text as default: The text in the e-mail cover letter can be edited by you. If you want to save the text so that the same text will be used in the next cover letter, you can activate this option.
  • Consent to be contacted by telephone or e-mail: Do you need the prospect’s consent to call them back or send e-mails? Herewith you can obtain this consent. The interested party, before sending the data, must give this consent, otherwise the sending will not be possible. This consent is stored for you in the activities.


Consent is no longer mandatory if the option “Ask for consent data storage” was activated at the same time and the interested party does not agree to the storage.

  • I would like to receive a confirmation e-mail when the record is completed: You will receive an e-mail after completion. This e-mail is sent to the sender of the contact completion. The system sends the mail to the e-mail contact that is stored in the user data.
  • Request consent data storage/Show all personal data: This allows you to show the query for storing personal data according to GDPR, including the display of all stored personal data and the corresponding notice form. The decision is stored in the activities and sent to the broker by e-mail. If selected, all existing data will be displayed for the default data .
  • Subscribe to newsletter: If this option has been activated, the interested party has the option to sign up for the newsletter mailing with a check mark. If he has registered for the newsletter, the “Newsletter” field is also set to “Yes” in the basic data of his data record. You have the option to filter by newsletter subscribers and write to the customer in the future.
  • Enter comment (only displayed for search criteria): If this option was activated, the interested party has the possibility to enter an additional comment to his search criteria.
  • Accept T&C: You can only include the item “Accept GTC” in the contact completion if you either upload your GTC as a PDF file or enter a legal notice in your basic settings. The PDF file will be prioritized.
    To upload your GTC’s as a PDF file, please proceed as follows: Click on Tools >> Settings >> Basic Settings, under the basic data you will find the option to upload a PDF file in the bottom right corner.
  • If you use groups, you can define your own terms and conditions for each group in the group management under Tools >> Settings >> Groups . The GTC is stored as a file in the basic data , you can store a text under the information on the revocation .
  • Automatic brochure dispatch If you have activated the additional module“automatic brochure dispatch“, you can ask the customer here whether he would like to be offered suitable properties automatically.
  • Landing page: Under the ‘Landing Page’ option, you can store a URL to which your customers will be redirected after completing the contact completion. If nothing is entered in this field, the URL from the user’s basic data is used for forwarding.


You can choose the language in which the contact completion will be sent. By default, the language stored in the contact data set is adopted. If you use the multi-language module , the e-mail and the data entry form can be displayed in the selected language.

Preview and shipping

What does the prospective customer get to see? Detailed examples can be found in the chapter“Contact completion – What does the customer see?“.

Here in the configuration you can use the “Preview” button to see which fields and data the prospect will see. Only the interested party can save data. It is not possible to preview the e-mail to the interested party.

The interested party is contacted directly via the “Send link” button. If the customer follows the link in the e-mail, within the validity of 14 days, he will get to the form to complete his contact data.

Standard list of personal data

The following data – if filled – will be displayed as saved data when a request for storage is made.

List of personal data

gwgGeburtsdatumMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbGeburtsortMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbGeburtsdatumMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbOrtMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbPlzMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbStrasseMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbStaatsangehoerigkeitMoney Laundering Act
gwgMitgliederVerwaltungsorganMoney Laundering Act
gwgRegisternummerMoney Laundering Act
gwgRechtsformMoney Laundering Act
gwgVertragspartnerMoney Laundering Act
gwgGeburtsnameMoney Laundering Act
gwgBerechtigterMoney Laundering Act
gwgAusstellendeBehoerdeMoney Laundering Act
gwgAuffaelligkeitenMoney Laundering Act
gwgStaatsangehoerigkeitMoney Laundering Act
gwgAusweisnummerMoney Laundering Act
gwgAusweisartMoney Laundering Act
gwgGeburtsortMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbNameMoney Laundering Act
gwgWbVornameMoney Laundering Act
Plz place2Master data
LKZ-Plz-OrtMaster data
door numberMaster data
Salutation2Master data
Geburtsdatum2Master data
Plz_postboxMaster data
ZipcodeMaster data
employerMaster data
jobTitleMaster data
jobPositionMaster data
salaryMaster data
workContractMaster data
Zipcode2Master data
City2Master data
LKZMaster data
staircaseMaster data
immocard_id_atMaster data
immocard_firma_id_atMaster data
CoMaster data
Salutation titleMaster data
Titles:Master data
NameMaster data
First nameMaster data
Zusatz1Master data
Zusatz2Master data
Zusatz3Master data
StreetMaster data
Plz-OrtMaster data
LocationMaster data
DistrictMaster data
P.O. BoxMaster data
CountryMaster data
GenderMaster data
Telefon1Master data
Telefon2Master data
Telefax1Master data
Telefax2Master data
Date of birthMaster data
Title2Master data
First name2Master data
Name2Master data
Street2Master data
account numberAdministration
bank codeAdministration