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openImmo import

There is a possibility in onOffice to import property data from another software or also from other onOffice versions. This property data must be sent in OpenImmo format to the import interface of your onOffice version.

The necessary information for the import interface can be viewed by the administrator in the basic settings . In addition, you can make further settings in the basic settings, which are relevant for the import. For example, you can setwhat is the maximum width of your uploaded images.

After the transfer of the property data, onOffice starts the import. It may take some time for this process to start and complete. Afterwards you have the possibility to see if there were any errors during the import. This can be, for example, missing information in the property data or format errors in the transmitted data. To check the import process, select the “OpenImmo-Import” item in the Extras menu. This entry is only visible for administrators.


Be careful when deleting properties via OpenImmo import:
No properties are deleted in onOffice during a full match.
When deleting a property individually, it will be deleted in onOffice!

In the list view you can see the imports performed so far. Clicking on the desired entry will take you to the detailed view. The messages for the import are output here. If “success” is output under Status, the transferred property data should be in your property list.

Contact person

If a contact person for the property is stored in the import, the import checks whether this contact person already exists. A duplicate check takes place, which checks 4 different levels. If no duplicate is found for any of these levels, a new address record is created and linked to the property.

  • Stage 1: Check for name, first name, city and street
  • Stage 2: Check for email address and name
  • Stage 3: Check for email address and company
  • Stage 4: Address is created